One tap solution ​for Electronic Receipt delivery

 Save paper and print cost by letting the customer choose between electronic or paper receipts.

A one tap on the device to receive receipts on phone.
All stores printing receipts for customers. Easy integration with most POS softwares

Convenient, Easy to store and De-clutter. 

Electronic receipts help you save money.
Capture receipts on the GO!

"Paper Receipts are bad for your health and the environment.
Most receipts are laden with toxic chemicals with presence of bisphenol-A (BPA) or BPS that is transferred to anything a receipt comes into contact with".

Key Features

One Tap
Receipt D​elivery

A simple tap on the device by mobile phones for receipt delivery.

Maximum Privacy

No need to provide email, phone number to receive the receipt.

Easy to use for Customer.

No need to install any app to receive receipt on their phone.

Eco Friendly

Save Trees.

Readily available Tech Support

Our tech support is always ready to help.

No Coding

Easy integration with most Point of Sales Systems. 

A & H Solutions

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